Jeane is Eurasian, born in
Singapore, descendent from Chinese, English and Portuguese ancestors. Some years of her childhood were spent on Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) where she developed an uncompromising nature.  This child of the sea was later modernized by Singapore’s upbeat mentality.

  In 1985 she married the well-known Dutch painter, Nico Vrielink and had two boys. Nine years of courses in clay techniques followed in an academy of arts in Antwerp, Belgium, then sculpture in stone, restoration and gilding working with different masters in  several areas in France where they lived for 15 years. 

They moved to Bali in 2005 that started a new period of disciplines in art. She found herself yearning to look more microcosmically and concentrically into detail and the use of minerals, metals and other raw materials.  Her desires to express herself organically and develop further her passionate relationship with natural elements led her to acquire the skill of silver-smithing.  Restlessly fertile forces of volcanic energy on this spiritual island coached a new language, a new balance to be formed only through perseverance and the understanding of this special and avidly publicized place. 

 Jeane now travels the globe between Asia, Australia and Europe and after years of exhibiting her sometimes large sculptures in bronze, stone and glass,  Jeane’s unique jewelry creations are now accented through use of organic and unusual precious gems, fossils, antique parts, 24ct gilding, seeds, leather and fur; exploiting elements that transmit energies or messages. Her techniques in smithing vary from using primitive tools to sophisticated jewelry-making equipment.

 It is yet another phase in her journey towards the truth… via a new form of art.  Voila, les bijoux sculptural!



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