Portable Art

"The personalization of jewelry is materialized through the fact that it is a statement of the carrier. The art of jewelry is the relationship between the wearer and the piece itself. I therefore place much importance in the creating of an expression and not just a decorative piece."

The issue of time makes us value the fossil, a gemstone or even a tooth for instance, as a witness and survivor, to the greatest extent of our imagination – encrusted embodiments of age, what treasures! I often look to raw minerals to convey my taste, they are closer to truth and nature and perfect as they are created. And then to let them work on us, as they are believed to do with properties bestowed upon them. I frame these “Forefathers of Time” in silver, flavour them with trinkets from our era, guild them with our interpretations of luxury and regenerate them with “active energy” of my kind. This is my contribution and celebration of being.